About the band

IntsåRing (Pia Nygaard and Ivan Damgård) plays Danish and Scandinavian folkmusic with a reel or a jig sneaked in here and there. 

Our music can be fun, beautiful, entertaining, crazy or all of the above, but always with a swing and often with inspiration from not so traditional rythms.

We play traditional tunes as well as our own material; instrumentals as well as songs; and for listening as well as for dancing. You'll hear fiddles, guitar, mandolin and volcals.

Our name means "not so bad”.  In Jutland, the part of Denmark we come from, people never say too much. So there, it takes a lot to be not so bad!

“When you guys play, one devours and enjoys every note” (Claus Jørgensen, former vice dean of Aarhus Music Conservatory - probably not from Jutland)

“I heard worse” (Kaj Engholm, fellow musician - definitely from Jutland!)